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Acupuncture needles (filiform-thread or filament like) are used to stimulate the body's own repair systems. The effects range from mild to dramatic. Always eat something before a treatment. Your body needs energy to begin the healing process!

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Did you know that the main ingredient in gynecological Chinese herbal medicine is cinnamon?  Also there are over 350 different plants, minerals and animals used in thousands of different herbal preparations treating everything from the common cold to irregular menstruation.

Cupping and Moxa

Cupping is an Asian Bodywork technique which is wonderful for relaxing muscles and relieving aches, pains and sprains!  Moxa is a plant that is burned like incense to warm the acupuncture needles and stimulate healing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

After several thousand years of careful observation and clinical experience acupuncture has emerged as a low cost, non-invasive method of treating patients with a wide variety of ailments. Acupuncture's flexible diagnostic approach allows it to carefully address important symptoms which may otherwise be disregarded or go unnoticed. Many clinical studies have been performed which show the efficacy of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

This is a great opportunity if you are new to acupuncture! Today acupuncturists are trained wih an integrative approach combining the ancient Chinese techniques with modern knowledge of the causes of disease. We deliver compassionate care to our patients in a modern clinical environment. Lifestyle and nutrition guidance is integral to our approach.

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Call (833) 392-4653 to book an appointment or you can book online.