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The 2015 Nobel Prize Shines a Spotlight on TCM Research

Traditional Chinese Medicine continues to make it's presence felt on the world stage as the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was jointly awarded to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Omura for their work on combating parasites and Youyou Tu for her discoveries in combating Malaria.

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Chronic Pain

Vickers Acupuncture Chronic Pain Clinical Trial

BOTTOM LINE:  Acupuncture is associated with improved pain outcomes compared with sham-acupuncture and no-acupuncture control, with response rates of approximately 30% for no acupuncture, 42.5% for sham acupuncture, and 50% for acupuncture.

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European Trial

Witt Acupuncture Chronic Pain Clinical Trial

Abstract:  In Germany, acupuncture is one of the most frequently used complementary and alternative therapies. In the year 2000, we initiated three large projects in co-operation with statutory health insurance companies to assess the effectiveness, safety and costs of acupuncture in patients with chronic headache, low back pain and pain due to osteoarthritis. Our findings . . .

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Knee Pain

Berman Osteoarthritis Acupuncture Clinical Trial

CONCLUSION:  These data suggest that acupuncture is an effective and safe adjunctive therapy to conventional care for patients with OA of the knee.

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