How to Prepare For Your First Acupuncture Visit

  • Please either fill out the First Visit Forms and bring them with you or arrive 15 minutes early and we will provide the forms for you to fill out.
  • Have a meal – don’t come to any treatment hungry.  Acupuncture treatments help your body to heal itself.  For this purpose your body needs energy.
  • Wear loose clothing – acupuncture needs access mainly to your arms from the elbow down and your legs from the knees down.  If you have a condition related to your back, shoulders, stomach or other places on the torso that require treatment in those areas we will give you a gown to wear and also cover you with sheets or “draping.”
  • Please do not wear any scented oils or lotions, perfumes or colognes.

What to Expect on Your First Acupuncture Visit

We will:

  • have you fill out medical history forms and review them together,
  • talk about your current reason for the visit in detail,
  • review any medications or supplements you are currently taking,
  • ask objective questions about your general health,
  • discuss symptoms that may not seem related to your condition,
  • do physical testing as appropriate,
  • make a Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis,
  • prescribe & perform acupuncture and other treatments as indicated,
  • make recommendations for herbal remedies, exercise, diet & lifestyle changes.


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