Sore Neck Upper Back & Shoulders
- TCM Kit for Home Based Therapy -
(Traditional Chinese Medicine)

TCM Neck Kit
Acu Points Neck Tx
  • Patients at our acupuncture clinic rave about these remedies!
  • Now you can enjoy the benefits of natural herbal healing with this combination of Chinese neck muscle relaxer in pill form and a nice warming topical pain relief balm from Taiwan.
  • The pills contain Chinese Kudzu Root (Ge Gen) along with cinnamon, ginger, licorice, white peony root, notopterygium root, Chinese Black Date and Job’s Tears Seed. This herbal formula has been in use for hundreds of years and was originally used for the flu which can be accompanied by stiff neck and back.  Now Chinese doctors have modified the formula for modern day stiff neck muscular problems caused by
    too much computer work and improper posture.
  • The topical pain relief balm contains menthol, camphor, clove oil, cinnamon oil, methyl salicylate, petrolatum and beeswax.
  • In addition you can download here a diagram of acupressure points which are completely safe and effective and instructions for their use in relieving neck and upper back tension in combination with the herbal medicine and pain relief balm.

We sell this kit on Amazon for $49.99 but you can buy it here at a 10% discount for $44.99.  Just click the PayPal link below and we will mail it to you (free shipping first class mail) or you can buy it at our clinic in South Austin.

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