The Lean and Green Diet


Breakfast: Oatmeal with a small fruit portion
Lunch: Poultry, fish, pork or beef and leafy green vegetables
Dinner: see Lunch


Breakfast – use Bob's Red Mill Old Fashioned Oatmeal, it has less glyphosate (round-up pesticide) than regular oats. For the fruit portion use low sugar, high antioxidant fruits such as berries. Among other health benefits oatmeal can reduce cholesterol, control blood sugar and help with skin problems. I like to add a half teaspoon of Chaga mushroom extract powder. It tastes good and is helpful for boosting the immune system and longevity! Make sure your Chaga is wild grown on Birch trees for the best quality.

NO sugar - causes obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

NO grains - grains are not meant to be food. They contain a surface coating of lectins which are not only indigestible but they have to be processed and cooked extensively just to be eatable. Think about what you must do to prepare wheat. Grind it into flour, add yeast which pre-digests the lectins, add water and then subject it to heat. If you must eat bread than have soudough. The yeast culture used for sourdough bread does a great job of breaking down the lectins. Read about Dr Gundry's work with lectins.

NO root vegetables – they have a high glycemic index (see NO sugar, above.)

NO beans/legumes/nuts - they have a lectin coating and a high glycemic index (see NO sugar, above.)

NO deep fried foods – in TCM* these foods lead to an accumulation of heat and dampness which can lead to PCOS, fibroids, acne and infections.

NO Raw Foods – raw foods attract dampness like a cold glass of water on a summer day and can lead to a TCM* cold-damp accumulation.

Cooking oils – olive oil is the best. Nut oils lead to dryness, especially of the skin. Get extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil for the highest quality.

Leafy Green Vegetables – they contain fiber and have the highest ratio of nutrients per calorie, can be consumed with just a light saute with olive oil and garlic or ginger.

Are you cold all the time? Drink ginger tea. It warms the body and aids digestion. Add cinnamon to your diet in a warm drink. It warms the body and opens the blood vessels.

Are you warm all the time? Drink mint tea, unless you have hypertension or migraines.

Dairy products – use raw milk with only the A2 casein. The A1 casein is known to cause digestive issues like lactose intolerance. A2 casein milk is from cows from southern Europe like Spain, Southern France, Italy and Greece.

How did I create this diet? My story.

I have had seven (7) concussions in my life time including one line drive baseball to the temple, one slightly broken nose from a head-butt, one bicycle accident (my head hit the curb,) two from high school football that caused black-outs, one car accident where my head hit the visor and one skiing accident. Nowadays it is called CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. The last concussion gave me a headache twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for twelve (12) years. During that time I went to many doctors and had every medical test imaginable. Nothing worked. I decided to take matters into my own hands and so I went to my public library (there was no internet back then) and read every book I could find on diet and exercise. Not one book said leafy green vegetables were bad. Not one book said lean meats or olive oil were bad. The consensus was 'The Lean and Green Diet.' I proceeded to eat just what you see above every day for six months. I lost so much weight that after the six months I had to increase my meal size. Every symptom I had disappeared! A miracle happened and it can happen for you and anyone else out there. Good luck, God bless you and be smart. You can do it!

What is health?

Health is measured not by how strong you are or how good you look but by how clear your arteries are. All the push-ups in the world will not clear your arteries. Diet is 99% of health. Remember – if you have the right diet you don't need the medicine, if you have the wrong diet the medicine won't work.

Fasting and Autophagy

Fasting is a wonderful health benefit. When you fast more than sixteen (16) hours your body begins to use available resources to fuel cell replication. Those resources include old, dead and dying cells, including cancerous ones! This is called autophagy or to eat the self. The best way to regenerate your cells is calorie deprivation. Intermittent fasting or one meal a day works great!

The 80/20 Rule

Make the 80/20 rule work in your favor! If you eat sugar and starch daily then you know one day of dieting will not help that much. In other words if you do it wrong 80% of the time and then do it right 20% of the time it will not help at all. However, the good news is that if you do it right 80% of the time and then go off the diet occasionally, like birthdays and holidays, then it will not hurt that much and it is easier to stay on track if you don't have to worry about keeping a perfect dieting record. That being said, it is better for the first two to four weeks to keep that perfect record to build a good base to work off and to see how it's not that bad of a diet, and you will also find out that it can actually be enjoyable.

Blood Pressure

Expect your blood pressure to stabilize to a normal range as you loose weight.  Studies have shown that for every 10-20 pounds the sheer pressure of the added tissue on your blood vessels increases your blood pressure by 10 points!  So as you diet and loose weight monitor your blood pressure and be prepared for a pleasant surprise!


Exercise is not absolutely necessary but it can help tremendously!  And you don't even need that much.  There are two basic choices, either go for a twenty to forty minute walk daily or do an hour of combined calisthenics and cardio three times per week.  Personally I like the combined method so I can do push ups and sit ups and then I like a 45 minute run on the warm days and step aerobics on the cold days.  Yoda, meditation, and tai chi are also great for any medical condition.  I like to do a little of each from time to time just to mix things up a little.  You choose what works for you!

What to Expect

The first few days you will crave sugar. If you can get past these first few days it gets much easier. Try not to plan to attend any social events these first few days, even for a a week or two if your addiction to sugar is strong.

The next few days will be easier as you break the addictions one by one. The sugar cravings slowly subside and give way to starch addictions. Starch is like methadone for a sugar addiction. If you can get through these next few days without giving in then your appetite will shrink and you will be amazed at how much less food and calories you seem to need. Drink a lot of water and keep the fait. It gets better.

After about two weeks you will begin to settle down and slowly ease into a cruise control of low calorie healthy dieting. It is now that it gets really interesting. If you have any small health issues you may notice that you were focusing so intently on avoiding sugar and starch that you didn't even notice that those little aches and pains don't seem so bad. Some may even be gone by now. You may have even lost a few pounds by now. Also expect a little more energy. Strap yourself in as it gets better from here every week as your focus shifts back to your hopes and dreams outside of health and weight loss.

*Traditional Chinese Medicine

'The Lean and Green Diet' copyright 2015 by Golden Touch Acupuncture

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